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Friday, July 9, 2010

Elevate Me to Style

So if you haven't figured out by now, I seem to have an affliction. I always "need" a certain pair of shoes that I might see. It just sort of happens, kind of like drive by shopping. You'll go in a store just for that carton of milk, but peripheral vision catches a bag peanut butter filled pretzels out of the corner of one's eye as you glide down the supermarket isle. And what's one more item, or wait maybe I'll search for corn chips...okay catch my drift?
I'll be perusing a magazine or the internet, maybe even looking for something completely different and "boom" I see THEM. And this usually means I've found what my mind thinks is the "perfect" shoe, the shoe I've been searching for all my life. The final quest for the end all pair of shoes that will fill that void of shoedom and make my collection complete. Well okay, I know it all sounds pretty silly but really this is how my mind works. And since I've recently purchased a pair of awesome black leather flat heel boots for winter (and we are in the thick of Summer), then you'll get my plan for this strategy. See these boots for instance are last season's model and were regularly $150 bones, and Amazon had them marked down to $69. They had less sizes and color choices (and sure I'd love to get the brown) but the black rocks and they had a 7 which is a very popular size. Of course I'm always taking a risk ordering online, the excitement can lead way to major disappointment when they arrive and don't fit (in this case, these Nine West boots were a major SCORE!) But I've had my fair share of returns. I do like ordering from Macy's or Urban Outfitter's or Nordstrom's since I can just return to the store, which in some cases is much easier than mailing it back.
So with my recent boot purchase nicely tucked away awaiting the crisp fall weather, I was scanning the internet for I think vintage jewelry (another affliction) when I came across these gems.....
Charlotte Ronson's platforms, the deal is they are high which I'd normally pass up due to a past stress fracture I had in my right foot a couple of years ago making high heels OUT. BUT(and that's a big but) because they have a big platform also under the ball of the foot makes these pups doable. The actual slant isn't really that much but they have 4 inch heels, booya....I'm 5'5 now! Love it!
So how did I get my hands on a pair of this rockin' $180 shoes you ask? First of all I wasn't going to pay $180 no no no. I just bought those boots as you remember, and just a few months ago I bought 3 pairs of flats for work at Urban Outfitters I'm pretty "shoe ready" these days. But these could be "the ones".....hmmmm.
Start searching the internet....$180 was the bottom line. harumpf. They are this season and I don't think I'm gonna find them cheaper, but I forge on. I decide to meander over to Ebay, at first the full name of the shoe doesn't net me anything. So I just try putting in Charlotte Ronson and just look to see what does come up. And whoa, some shoes that look just like the ones I want for friggin' $29. !!!! On further inspection I see this persons auctions are last seasons clothes and accessories, so I go check google and yes they are last seasons model. They are very close to this season though they are Ash(grey) not in black leather....I can live with that and the zipper is a tad different....I can live with that too. The person's feedback is a bit low, but I look and the two negatives are somewhat old and they have mostly good happy customers.
So I bid.
I'm outbid.
I bid again.
I'm outbid. I want these....dammit.
I bid again...but I must not bid too much, because I could just buy them new for $180. and I don't feel like spending that kind of money. So don't go crazy.
Okay $55 my final offer. done.....
I win!
$10 shipping.....fair.
These shoes showed up in 3 days from back East on my doorstep! And they Rock! Well, they are a little loose on the ankle. I think the shoe repair may be able to adjust this for me. But other than that I wore them today and they are comfy and HOT! Already got two (TWO) compliments on my cool shoes!
Feelin' pretty damn proud of my little find....See sometimes the perfect shoe does find it's way to me. Ha!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm back!

Yeah Yeah, I got distracted by the month of May. Sorry. But now June is here and I have no idea what's wrong with California weather, it's been raining on and off and up till last week....COLD? What happened to Spring? And just when we have a smidge of warm 80's weather for 2 days,'s evaporated again. I know before you know it we'll all be crying "heatwave", just would have enjoyed some nice warm spring days to soak up some sun and maybe get a little color? See, I used to cheat and get my head start at a tanning salon. I know what you are thinking, "BAD"!
But it felt so good to lay down in the warmth and in less than 15 minutes know I could work on a all over even tan. And once I had what I felt was a good base, I could go just once a week to keep the color up and figured I was outside getting plenty of sunshine.
Well I've got lectured from my daughter's about how terrible the tanning beds are for you, even though my younger one used to go with me. She's now a Esthetician (skin care specialist) and doesn't use a tanning bed anymore) so I guess I have to be a good girl now. So I'm so freakishly pale and it's June! And with no Spring to get sun (I was wearing leather boots and tights still last week, being it was in the 60's and raining) I wouldn't want to blind anyone.
I've been trying to use the Jergen's daily lotion that does add a bit of color over time, but it's just not enough. So I saw in a magazine L'Oreal had these wipes and a spray that tans over time. So far the wipes worked very nicely, and I've yet to use the spray. Didn't seem to have streaks and it worked gradually and not too strong. One wipe seemed to cover the legs and arms, but for full coverage you may need to use two. I think I've found a great alternative to get things started since I'll be showing "some" skin now that the warmer weather is maybe here. Also after cooking in the sun at my sister's graduation for 3 hours my arms and shoulder's are looking a bit more sun-kissed, so every little bit helps.
So with June upon us it's time for breaking out the shorts and since my idea of shorts these days are Capri's or Bermuda length I'm most worried that my lower leg get some (any) color. Look I don't want to look like and old leather bag, or one of those overdone women I remember as a kid that has sat by the pool one year too long....eeewwwww.

And I promise (girls) to be good this summer and stay away from the tanning salon, but just don't take away my chemicals...please!

Next blogs....hunting for the cutest capri's and summer flat's (especially the closed toe ones for work standards).

Friday, April 30, 2010

"I'm Leavin' On A Jet Plane... Do Know When I'll Be Back Again."

Today I'm off to LA baby, Woo Woo. This is a quickie of a trip, I've done this before 24 hours there and back. Living in the Bay Area and Southwest make this doable, and within the cost factor. My youngest kidlet is living down there with her BF and I miss her terribly, and sometimes I just need a "K" fix. So with all the "birthday-poor me-I'm sooo old" drama swirling around my head these last weeks, this just just seemed like the right thing to do.
Well it really all started with a Sushi conversation, on how we (my forever beloved and I) can't seem to find our perfect Sushi place here right at home. We just love Nobu in TriBeCa NYC, and make our one month in advance, get up before 7am to make sure to get through reservation for the swanky restaurant. And now after visiting my daughter numerous times in la-la land and visiting the Encino branch of Katsuya's we've fallen in love all over again. Another home run out of the ballpark, unique and fresh choice of mouth watering sushi. Crap! So we have to go all the way to NYC or LA for what we consider outstanding Sushi you ask? Yes.....
So as we discussed Sushi places in the Bay Area, there being a few that are somewhat worthy; I said in my infinite wisdom " wouldn't be a gas to just jump on a plane and go to Katsuya's for dinner and get to see the kid and come home the next day!?" Not really expecting a actual "sure" too this, and "book it" I'm feeling pretty worldly at the moment. I mean wowwie wow what a guy! "We only eat Sushi in New York City or LA", sounds pretty snobby eh? LoL one would like to believe, but not so much really.
Of course traveling overnight I need to travel light and my husband could probably bring his supplies in a grocery bag, I still need a suitcase. I've dug into the depth's of our spider laden garage to find...ta da! A little tiny miniature sized suitcase that came with the set and is practically new and I can't even imagine it's purpose. Well here is my change to in the words of Tim Gunn "make it work". Jammies and an outfit for the next day and the goodies I'm bringing for the kids. Okay I made that sound so simple, as I throw my head back and laugh.....liar you know I'm gonna practically pack the kitchen sink!
This is finally my chance to wear those orange cage shoes I picked up at H&M for a steal last year that I bought in a mad moment, I mean it's LA where else can I "blend in" with those babies? And so it is orange caged pumps with jeans and a orange tee, with a cute three quarter length sleeve tweed jacket to get me that casual but "she's got it goin' on" look. (Oh and I spent a good half an hour picking out the jewels for that outfit) and then Saturday's brunch and return flight outfit is a khaki mini skirt with brown tights, brown boots and a layered brown flowered shirt with a thick brown woven belt (see back to story on the importance of belts in "I left my waist back in Cancun 2000"). All jewelry thoughtful picked out and carefully packed in one of those cute Clinique give away bags, and thank god I've saved hundreds of them to finally use one. Minimal makeup stowed in ziplock because it's that 3oz. TSA law, all my mouse size makeup and toothpaste is ready to go. (daughter "K" will have all the hairdryer needs, so no need to pack). And what's this....amazing, I think I still have room in my suitcase? Maybe my poodle would like to pop in and come with us....not.
So yeah, I think I'm good and ready to be trendy and cute for my 24 hour LA whirlwind dinner date/daughter visit/brunch with the family/birthday-new job celebration....phew did I get it all in man, I'm tired already? See ya manana~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fat Lady Weeps....

So I haven't blogged in days....yes I've been feeling sorry for myself. Boooooo.
My birthday is looming around the corner (what could be finer than a 49er) well I'm just not feelin' it. I used to count the days down to my birthday as a child, the highlight of my small existence. They seemed so long those days, and year to year was .....infinitely forever. But that was then, and now being an adult time is driving at warp speed. Age seems to play a dirty trick on us, "who cranked up the speed knob"? I just want to enjoy the time that's flashing by, tick tick tick like the little egg timer on top of your stove. And dang don't blink at 49 because you'll be 65 baby, sh*t it's just not fair. My mother whines at me "just wait till your my age of 74, everything will hurt and what's the point of getting dressed in the morning". Wow, thanx Mom for the pep talk. Of course she has another morning saying too: "If I get up in the morning and nothing has fallen off, then it's a good day". I'm determined to be in a better place and shape than she is when I'm that age (she forgoes exercise saying "it's against my religion") I'm fighting the battle of the bulge and with all the exercising and trying (I said "trying") to watch what I eat, the bulge is fighting me back hard. And I just can't be a skinny bitch it's just not in my DNA, partially because I JUST LOVE FOOD. There I said it, I LOVE FOOD! And it's that short Polish/English heritage in my blood what can I say, not too many tall folk from this clan. And looking back most of the women folk were short and "stout" at my age, so it's a battle that will be hard won if at all. But I'm a little trooper and what I lack in stature I exude in my flamboyant personality. And don't peg me as the "crazy pet lady" or "the old bead lady", I'd like to be remembered more for my unique style and never giving in to "Old-ulm" ( a SuzieQ word of the day for you, Old-ulm: entering the growing old stage of life and not realizing it till it's too late and you are slathered in polyester pantsuit from head to toe, with a sensible Clark's shoe....Yikes!) I want to live life like I never realize I'm growing old, I know you say that's called growing old gracefully. But I'm looking for a better word, I want to live vicariously through my thought's and idea's and not get caught into the conformism of what is today's Society. I want to be a "Rockin' Granny" with my colorful streaked hair and my tattoos, and wearing what suits my mood of the day. So as I move out of my birthday depression slump, I hope to get back on track with my expressionism of design and flair. For this is only a small blip in the road for me, and I just need a bandaid for my bruised psyche....Oh and maybe a nice spot of tea with a drop of milk and honey....Honey.

Friday, April 23, 2010

But I've Just Gotta Have Them!?!

Here I go again, a "gotta have them" moment. I haven't even really shared my Kenneth Cole Boot Story yet, but I will soon. But first I was flicking through my monthly InStyle Mag, and I should say scouring every nook and cranny of that fashion rag. And I get to page 56 of the May issue and on the edge of the page is a small article with that cute trendy Gwen, you know that rockin' chick Gwen Stefani? She's just sitting on a park bench in LA kind of dressed down and wearing these KILLER high tops! They come in black, hot pink and dark denim blue and have some nice but tasteful bling hardware added. Now how cute would they be with jeans, girls? I'm already eyeballing the denim ones, since my closet is bulging with black boots and black flats. And I could "REALLY" use some fun sneakers for that casual look, I'm always wearing boots or heels in the winter and sandals in the summer. I need that summer/fall in between and what could be more perfect than denim blue high tops?
So they have a name "Chuck Buckle" High tops by
UES (and for those non-NYCers UES stands for Upper East Side), I immediately scan the internet.......nothing, zip, nada....Can barely find anything on the make UES. I do find they have a Facebook, fine I'll be a fan.
Harumph....A day passes, and life goes on. But the article is now torn out and staring at me every time I'm at the computer.....I WANT THESE. So I read the article again. Oh, there is a phone number...hmmm. Let's dial it and see who answers? It's 9am and ring, ring, ring.....nope. Let's try again at 930 and let it ring oh let's say 8 times, nothing. Okay, now I whip out my iphone and use my reverse number thingy to see where and who I'm actually calling (maybe some finicky personal design shop? A actual store or just a number to nowhere?) I must know these questions. So it comes back with
Kitson Stores in LA and some Directors name of Kitson, well this is a start. So I wait till 10 this time to call again, and "ta-da" a voice on the other end says "Kitson hold please" before I can say "yes or no". And a very nice gal comes back on the line and asks "can I help you" and I tell her my plight, she says that most of the magazine stuff is usually a month early and not in stores yet. So she'll take my name and number and email and look up that picture and make notes, and when they arrive she'll call or email me...Sweet!!!
....this story to be continued, as soon as
Kitson get's back to me with those rockin' tennies!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

To Purge or Not To Purge....:-P

The forever question of the fashion century. Out with the old in with the New, or however it goes... I keep it all. And yes I do a every 6 month clean up and "restructuring" of my closet, as I'd call it. But I end up with maybe a bag or two full of odds and ends to ship off to goodwill or Hospice. And you know, I should be bringing in the backhoe and getting the pallets out in the driveway to set up what I really need to takeaway. But I start going through and think "I might "need this" or "it's hardly worn", or the old fave "I paid good money for this". You know the list of excuses could go on and on, till I've really just "restructured my closet. So it looks really pretty damn organized, but it's so packed in there it's just one more hanger away from devastation again. I "NEED" a bigger closet, this would solve all the worlds problems...or mine. My dear cousin says she has a friend who has a point system for tossing out clothes and purging, I must get to know this secret formula! Maybe it's like the holy grail of keeping your closet organized and clean?
Why can't I let go? Okay in defense of that last question, some actual items that I've saved through time have actually come back into fashion enough to recycle them back into my repetroire (is that a scary thought I keep things past their expiration date? Or possibly could be fined by the fashion police?) Who cares, I say as I throw caution to the wind with my kookiness. I look back at some of my fashion faux paux over the years, and boy there have been some embarrassing doosies.
The 90's in particular are not years I like seeing frozen in time thanx to Kodak. Oh well, I thought it looked cool at the time. And I'm a source of laughter as my kids flick through the photo albums and point and roar. Karma baby.....
But you know, atleast I can say I was always a trendsetter (even if in my own mind). So back to the horrid thought of "Spring Cleaning", which I'm actually avoiding as I write this blog! Clever huh! I believe to be that trendy, hipster, funky purple haired hot mama I need all that back off! And okay, I'll find a bag or two to purge. But don't expect me to part with those boots I got for a steal ( because I'll just get them reheeled) and you know that sparkly leopard print sweater from Mervyn's just might come back into fashion from the late 80's....Really....Really....(okay I just keep that because you never know when you'll get invited to a disco party! And I'll be so ready).
Photo Credit: Daly & Newton