Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Girl "NEEDS" Lipstick!

Ages ago I saw Caroline Rhea at a comedy show she was hilarious, almost peed in my pants funny. I really after all these years don't remember much of her stand up, ( I know a mind is a terrible thing to waste) but one thing stuck in my mind that she said that I continue to quote from time to time.
She stated that her Mother was a woman of 50's and whenever she (Caroline) was having a crisis, her Mother would say " oh honey just put a little lipstick on and everything will be alright." Caroline could have been losing a job or breaking up with a boyfriend, and this was a standard solution statement uttered from her Mother's lips. Lips that were a iconic shade of red I imagine being a woman of the 50's.
So with this in mind, no matter what the day brings I always think of this mantra. Whether I've left the gym in a sweat and plan to step into the grocery and just want to freshen up my moppy do on top of my head, hey I slather on some lipstick because somehow I think it makes me look respectable. (Also large sunglasses are a must)
Now as we come into the "full bloom" of our existence, the color palate can be a bit daunting. I suppose if you were born with those Angelina Jolie puffy lips, you can wear whatever color you wish. Alas I've found "I" do not own a pair of those voluptuous pillows, and being a bit fair too mid tone dark reds look a bit over the top on me. I can do a more brownish color or pinkish tone, but NO bright reds or oranges for me, I look like a crazy old lady that got loose in the cosmetic department after a few to many cocktails.
So I've found some shades I use for summer that are fun, flirty and reasonable on the wallet. I for the most part stick with M.A.C. and Clinique makeup. In my picture you'll see some of my "fun" summer tried and true colors like TenderHeart and First Love ( both Clinique) lighter muted colors that go with everything. LIke that early morning bagel run and I need something to match my sweatsuit and baseball cap look.
And then theres the hot pink for a show stopper called Petals and Peacocks or Myth (both by M.A.C.) that are more opaque, and send the message "I'm the baddest bitch on the block" look (thanks to my daughter K. for that quote!
These beauties are around $15 and won't break the bank, and go on creamy and smooth. And an added bonus with Clinique is if you look for their gift specials (maybe buy two lipsticks) you get goodies for free! A gift bag good for carrying more makeup on trips or maybe jewelry, and new colors of makeup! This is how I've found a couple of their great colors and become a life long fan.
So lipstick for me is a staple of a good outfit, whether it's a trendy pair of jeans and a rockin' tee or a sweaty gym shirt and yoga pants. Or let's say you've had the flu and been locked in the house for days and days, you finally step out the door for look like a truck has rolled over you so you try and brush the matt out of the back of your hair from laying in bed. So you throw on the sweatshirt and stuff the hair in a baseball cap with the biggest sunglasses you can put your hands on and wait! Throw on a little lipstick....because it's gonna make everything alright. :-)

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