Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'm back!

Yeah Yeah, I got distracted by the month of May. Sorry. But now June is here and I have no idea what's wrong with California weather, it's been raining on and off and up till last week....COLD? What happened to Spring? And just when we have a smidge of warm 80's weather for 2 days,'s evaporated again. I know before you know it we'll all be crying "heatwave", just would have enjoyed some nice warm spring days to soak up some sun and maybe get a little color? See, I used to cheat and get my head start at a tanning salon. I know what you are thinking, "BAD"!
But it felt so good to lay down in the warmth and in less than 15 minutes know I could work on a all over even tan. And once I had what I felt was a good base, I could go just once a week to keep the color up and figured I was outside getting plenty of sunshine.
Well I've got lectured from my daughter's about how terrible the tanning beds are for you, even though my younger one used to go with me. She's now a Esthetician (skin care specialist) and doesn't use a tanning bed anymore) so I guess I have to be a good girl now. So I'm so freakishly pale and it's June! And with no Spring to get sun (I was wearing leather boots and tights still last week, being it was in the 60's and raining) I wouldn't want to blind anyone.
I've been trying to use the Jergen's daily lotion that does add a bit of color over time, but it's just not enough. So I saw in a magazine L'Oreal had these wipes and a spray that tans over time. So far the wipes worked very nicely, and I've yet to use the spray. Didn't seem to have streaks and it worked gradually and not too strong. One wipe seemed to cover the legs and arms, but for full coverage you may need to use two. I think I've found a great alternative to get things started since I'll be showing "some" skin now that the warmer weather is maybe here. Also after cooking in the sun at my sister's graduation for 3 hours my arms and shoulder's are looking a bit more sun-kissed, so every little bit helps.
So with June upon us it's time for breaking out the shorts and since my idea of shorts these days are Capri's or Bermuda length I'm most worried that my lower leg get some (any) color. Look I don't want to look like and old leather bag, or one of those overdone women I remember as a kid that has sat by the pool one year too long....eeewwwww.

And I promise (girls) to be good this summer and stay away from the tanning salon, but just don't take away my chemicals...please!

Next blogs....hunting for the cutest capri's and summer flat's (especially the closed toe ones for work standards).

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